Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not What I’d Planned

In the odd moments of my life – drinking an early morning cup of coffee, waiting in a long line, washing dishes – I compose “blog thoughts” in my head. Sometimes those musings get posted, but often, they linger in my mind waiting for publication.

“Patriot Weekend” was about how my bike, and maybe my wetsuit, both of which I’d loaned to fellow TGs, did the Patriot Sprint while I plodded at home on my headboard refinishing project. After two days of re-sanding and re-staining, I eventually was satisfied with the way it looked. Then I discovered the headboard did not fit my bed frame the way it was supposed to, so …. Even my worst-ever finish in a triathlon was not as disappointing.

Having gotten my bike back, I’d planned to ride it this weekend, but that’s not happening. The rainy weather is one reason, but the other is the trail run I did on Thursday with some friends. We were having a fine run along the river when “klutzo-me” tripped over a rock and landed flat on the ground. The last time I’d run with one of these people – about one year ago – I’d also tripped, and I badly bent my glasses when I fell on my face. This time my only thought as I went down was “Keep your head up – don’t break your new glasses!” I scraped my left elbow and my right knee – injuries that look worse than they are. But I also sprained/bruised two fingers on my right hand. Even though I iced them soon after the fall, my fingers are still swollen and sore, and trying to hold anything, like a bike handlebar, is difficult. So, my return to cycling has been postponed. But I don’t have to attempt any other furniture refinishing projects, either, and can, with no guilt at all, spend the weekend reading the newest P. Gregory historical novel about the English War of Roses.

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fjbmhokie said...

Zoe and I are most appreciative of all your generocity and loaning us your bike and wetsuit! We actually talking about how nice you are to loan us your stuff. I did not wear the wetsuit for Patriots because it was a short swim so I opted to save on transition time and really the water was really comfortable. I was planning to use it for the Giant Acorn, but when I tried to squeeze my big butt into 2 weeks ago, I quickly figured out, I'm too big for it. I had to scramble and rent one which I tried today and it worked great. I'll email you about when to bring it back to you...maybe at the TriGirl brunch?

I hope you recover from your running injury!