Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Fine Balance

My aunt died last week; she was 92 and in poor health, so it wasn’t unexpected. Even so, it’s a sad reminder that our lives are finite, especially since, almost the same day, my mother learned she has a “suspicious nodule” on her lung near her spine. She had colon cancer three years ago, so once all the tests are done, we’re expecting to hear cancer has returned. My mother, who’s nearly 91, has adamantly said she will not have chemo or radiation, and the family will respect her decision. We are all planning to gather in October for my dad’s 90th birthday, but the celebration will be muted by knowing the next gathering could be for a very different reason.

On the happy side of life’s scale, however, was the text message I received this week from a friend – “It’s a boy!” I’ve known the mother-to-be since she was 4 years old, when her mother and I met in law school. Our daughters have always considered themselves sisters as well as friends, so I think I can claim “virtual-grandma” rights to this baby. And that gives me good reason to buy some cute “Future Triathlete” infant outfits.

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