Friday, January 9, 2009

What About 2009?

Another year – another tri season. I’m very “que sera sera” about the events I might attempt or accomplish this year. Last year I was enthused about the goals I’d set. This year I have no goals. I’ll stay with the TG program, of course, but I’m not feeling compelled to commit to training for any particular race. (Training as a way of maintaining a certain level of fitness and a healthy lifestyle is an entirely different matter!) And since I’m trying to pay attention these days to what I’m spending my money on, I’m going to choose carefully the events I do.

I might do the Smithfield Sprint again because it’s a good “first of the season” triathlon. I’ll do one of the sprints on the Shady Grove course because that’s my benchmark event. As long as I can see some improvement in my performance there, I’ll keep tri-ing. The all-women’s sprint in August will probably be on my calendar, and the Patriot (sprint or olympic) could be a possibility.

I expect I’ll continue this blog. My biggest achievement of the year could be figuring out how to add some snazzy graphics!

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