Sunday, January 22, 2012


Coach MB’s favorite word to describe our strength training/cycling work-outs is “yummy.” Nothing about these work-outs, however, fits the dictionary definition of the word. They are not “tasty,” “delectable,” or “delicious.” Unless, of course, you like torture. Although indoor cycling is one of my favorite training activities, three months into the pre-season, I’ve had about all the “yumminess” I want. The past month has been particularly tough as we have focused on power sprints – pedaling furiously in our hardest gear while seated for 10-15 seconds, alternating with pedaling slightly less furiously while seated, or standing, still in hardest gear, followed by a brief recovery in an easier gear. We do these sets repeatedly for most of the hour-long session, while M. reminds us how “yummy” they are.

I know these work-outs are good for me, even though each sprinting segment seems at least twice as long as it is and “four easier gears” is a distant promise. Last year, my first outdoor ride after pre-season ended was considerably faster than a ride around the same course had been six months before. The agony of all those power sprints, jumps, and other drills were worth it. So, come March, having endured so much “yumminess,” I expect to appreciate just how truly luscious it was.

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