Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to Step Up

By this time last year, I’d run and swum about twice as many miles and laps as I’ve done this year. Last year I was training for the Monument Ave. 10K and my first triathlon of the season, so my motivation was high. This year I’ve done just enough training to not be a total slug, but my sense of purpose has been lacking. It’s not that I’ve tired of triathlons or other races – it’s more that I don’t want to spend money on the entry fees. I don’t need more tee-shirts, socks, hats, or water bottles. And I’m past needing to prove to myself, or anyone else, that I can do these events. So, with no early races to prepare for, I’ve not been as diligent in my training as last year.

However, it’s time to step up. My sisters and I are registered for the Hy-Vee Olympic in Iowa in June, which we’ll do as a relay, and I’ll be the swimmer. I’ve agreed to do Rockett’s Landing in May as a relay with two other TGs, and I’ll be the runner. It’s time to start some serious training.

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