Friday, June 13, 2008

Change in Plan

For months I’ve been planning to do the Hy-Vee olympic triathlon with my sisters, and I was supposed to leave for Iowa early next week. But due to the severe flooding in and around the area in Des Moines where the triathlon was to be held, the event has been moved to a higher and drier part of the city and there will be no swim. The event now will consist of a 10K run, 24-mile bike ride, and 5K run. I think I will do the first run, but that, too, could change. My sister JJ, who lives in NC and was going to drive with me, is having second thoughts about going at all – she thinks the change in the tri course, plus the flooding, is a “sign” we should stay home. Although I can understand her concerns, I don’t want to cancel all our plans unless absolutely necessary, so I’m hoping conditions improve soon.

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